Reviewing The Many Uses of Dashboard Cameras

Dashboard cameras or “dash cams” as they are more commonly called, offer a lot of a purpose than just to record an accident. This article will outline the many uses of Dashboard cameras and why you should consider getting one.

Cloud Capable Car Cameras

This is a feature that you will only find in just a few dash cams. These expensive and sophisticated cams will connect to the manufacturers clould through an internet hotspot that you have enabled in your vehicle. When this is set up, you will receive automatic notifications regarding security occurrences on your smart phone. What’s really cool about this is that you can watch live video footage from your car on any internet connection worldwide, no matter where you are. This is a fantastic feature for those that feel they may be a victim of vandalism.

Parking Mode Options

If you are worried about vandalism or a hit and run accident while your car is parked, then you will want to get a dash cam that has parking mode enabled. There are are different variations of parking mode from cam to cam. Some of these are listed below.

Simple Mode

Here, the cam will be activated only when motion is detected or an impact occurs. It’s a great option but the only drawback is that it may not capture the entire incident.

Buffered Mode

For this mode, the cam records continuously and should an event occur like an impact or motion, it will store that in a write protected folder for your review later.

Time Lapse Mode

Here, stills are taken usually around every second. This saves space and allows you to review the footage should an event occur.

Front and Rear Facing Cameras

If protecting the front and rear of your car is important to you, thenĀ  you should opt for a front and rear facing cam. This enables footage to be recorded whether it happens in the front or back of your car. There is more installation required with this option but nonetheless totally worth it as it can either capture a rear impact or vandalism from behind.

Pleasure Viewing

As a lot of dashboard cameras these days have 1080p resolution, the images that get recorded are quite good. If you are driving through a scenic area and want to keep the footage, your cam may be equipped with manual mode where it will store the data for you to view the footage later on your computer, tablet or phone.

Whatever your reasons for owning a dash cam are, there are many options to choose from and making the decision is not an easy one. Read up on some reviews so you can make an informed buying decision.